Project completed! We have now delivered the project results:

  • Assessment of the medium-term potential of the current business lines
  • High-potential applications in adjacent sectors incl. list of potential customers
  • Technical concept to upgrade the gate valve

Further Deliverables, enabled by mine&make-Analytics:

  • Substitution risks for the current product and the current applications
  • Possible applications in adjacent and other sectors
  • Product requirements from the current application incl. norms and standards
  • Current value chain incl. competitors, customers, and OEMs
  • Results of the competitive analysis at the product and technical concept levels

Project Scope: analysis of the market environment, assessment of business potential and definition of product-based growth measures

Motivation: business growth and concrete understanding of the business opportunities and threats

Status directly after Project Completion: first discussions took place with business partners for technical development and sales

Customer: Mechanical engineering company from Southern Germany, Tier-2-Supplier

Project Duration: 2 months