About mine&make

We help our customers to leverage the full potential of their products and competencies. Our goal: successful products.

Management Team

Gauthier Boisdequin

Founder and Managing Director

gauthier-boisdequin profile

mine&make was launched by Gauthier Boisdequin on the foundation of his strong engineering background and long-term experience in product innovation. He is fascinated by outstanding technical products, by successful industrial ecosystems and he is obsessed with efficient innovation.

Peter Peetz



Peter joined mine&make after having experienced the company from the customer side. He has been the CEO of an internationally active manufacturing business and has extensive experience in various industry sectors.



We want to minimize business risk and maximize the success probability of innovations. By understanding the products’ future as concretely as possible. Who are potential competitors? What are the future product requirements, technologies, business models, norms and standards? We hate unknowns. We deliver answers. Many are available. They just need be found out.



We want to enlarge the products’ business opportunities, by developing new applications and by further increasing their added value – with adjacent functionalities, new technologies and complementary business models. We love innovative products that are successful on the market.

Who we serve

Manufacturers and providers of technical products, from startups to corporations

Our insights are used by product managers, marketeers, sales people, developers, innovation managers, and many more to take good decisions, develop good products and successful markets. We work with Private Equity Businesses for technical due dilligence.


Semi-finished products


Technical components


High-tech manufacturing technologies

Our Technology

Business Development lives from insights. mine&make has developed a proprietary AI solution to capture the relevant data for business development, specifically for your scope, your products and your competencies. These data are aggregated into insights by leveraging a relational method. They are made available through a personalized, web-based mine&make Portal and can be used directly for R&D, marketing, and sales.

mine&make’s AI-based Business Development Plattform focuses on technical products and technical competencies. It builds a bridge between markets and technologies and identifies opportunities and risks worldwide and across all industry fields.


Solving the industrial complextity


Potential markets in the latest industries


Best technologies from the most diverse industries


Time-to-Market reduction by up to 25%


High cost-efficiency, accessible to all company sizes

We mine&make



It is challenging to know what the user wants, even more in the future and in the higher levels of the value chain. We leverage data science to understand the product requirements from the whole value chain. There has never been so many technologies and business models available to develop successful products. However, it is challenging to know which technologies exist, are mature enough and are best suited for a specific product or application. We have access to the latest technologies, worldwide and across industries.


The method enables us to be highly innovative, targeted and focused on implementation. It implicitly takes into account the industrial capabilities and resources of our customers. We want to identify the markets with the highest potential. Moreover, we want to develop the most innovative and competitive technical products. They must perfectly satisfy the requirements, be feasible and have a high economic potential. We deliver results that were only available to big corporations with very extensive innovation processes. They are targeted and concrete for your specific mechanical component.

Career Opportunities at mine&make



We deploy a proprietary project organisation that best integrates the customers and partners.

We very much uphold the values of entrepreneurship. We believe in the power of partnership to deliver our promises. Within the company between the employees. With the customers, technology providers, engineering offices, financial analysts, universities and research institutes. We deploy a proprietary project organisation that best integrates the customers and partners.