Design of a RF Switch Connector for Safety-critical Handheld Devices

You are facing the challenge of developing a customer-specific product? We carry out the concept analysis and deliver all data and facts for a fast and successful design.



Our customer:

  • Industrial connectors manufacturer
  • Has received a request for the development of a RF-switch-connector for a new safety-critical handheld device.
  • Wants to built the relevant knowhow and design a product that perfectly satisfies the requirements.


mine&make can deliver all insights that are required for the design of a customer-specific product:

  • Insights to concretely understand the target system (handheld device) and its interfaces with the focus product (RF switch connector)
  • application-specific, technical requirements
  • potential technical concepts and technologies for the implementation
  • Market and competitor data
  • further applications for the focus product

This data is captured in the patents and in the public industry publications and scientific papers, by leveraging mine&make-Analytics.

Engagement model: bespoke project


  • Our customer could win the contract.
  • Requirements Sheet and Concept Facts Sheet are available.
  • Time of the concept design reduced by 40% compared to a traditional process

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