Project completed! We have now delivered the project results: detailed fact sheets for 3 high-potential connector concepts.

These fact sheets include a detailed description of the additional functionalities, applications and target segments for the new product, product requirements and of the technical concept incl. key technologies and technology providers. => ready for prototyping and for the requirements and market potential detailing with potential customers

Further deliverables, enabled by mine&make-Analytics:

  • All possible applications (32) for the base component in specific industry sectors
  • Results of the patent and competitive analysis
  • Results of the technical analysis of the applications, focusing on the internal functions
  • New product concepts (21) that have led, after assessment, to the design of 3 high-potential product concepts

Project Duration: 3 months concept development

Status directly after Project Completion: the product concept is currently in the prototyping phase

Customer: IMS Connector Systems GmbH

Motivation: development of the product portfolio for the Industry 4.0, by further increasing the added value for the users of the base component with a high innovation degree