These are the conditions for the successful design of a customer-specific product, from the perspective of a component supplier:

  • Technical understanding of the customer system*
  • Concrete understanding of the specific market conditions*
  • Competencies and flexibility to realize custom solutions*
  • Early integration in the customer’s development process
  • Early consideration of the further applications*

=> *Application-specific insights are required. This information can be found in the public sources, in addition to the proprietary knowhow.

This case study shows which public data are useful, where to find them and how they are used in the development process. It is available at mine&make on request.

Please contact us if you are planning to design a customer-specific component and you need the actionable insights from the public sources.

Note: this case study has been presented by mine&make and IMS Connector Systems at the DTIM 2022 in Berlin. It has been derived from a common project to design a RF-Switch-Connector for a handheld safety critical device.